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At OCO Ltd we’re proud to help and support the clients & communities we serve. We’ve made a commitment to safeguard their futures through employment and sustainability initiatives, and also through extensive charity work.

We prioritise employing people from the local community we operate from and work in by advertising and offering jobs to local candidates first. We run an apprenticeship scheme and places are offered to local candidates, while work experience places are actively sought and offered to pupils at local schools. We support businesses in these communities by sourcing goods, equipment and labour from them and prioritising regional supply chains and workforces.

Charity Work & Donations

Our charity work extends to donations and support for local and regional good causes, community schemes and initiatives, and organisations that work to improve the lives of those living there. We regularly offer to support to local schools and to charities, and hold events to raise awareness for regional and national issues.

Sustainability Approach

In recent years we’ve taken steps to improve our approach to sustainability. Having registered with the Environment Agency, we’ve introduced hybrid vehicles to our fleet and undertaken steps to reduce single use plastic by introducing a company-wide initative. In addition, we are registered for waste transfer, and work in partnership with a specialist waste management company that collects, measures and recycles 100% of our waste.* We continue to partner with our clients to reduce their carbon footprint too.

Good Business Practise

Our aim is to always promote and encourage good business practise and to lead by example with projects and initiatives that not only provide essential services to people, but include greater efficiency, cost savings and empower the people and business we serve. Through these initiatives we aim to build strong links to our clients, new and old, and the local communities we work in, and ensure their long-term prosperity.

Raising Money for Local Charities

One of our Directors, Philip Cowdery has personally raised money for Local charities by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking coast to coast of Costa Rica through the Rainforest and paragliding off a mountain in Turkey.

Ebbsfleet United Sponsorship

OCO’s success rubbed off on all in 2011 when local football team Ebbsfleet United, who OCO Ltd has close ties with and sponsored their shirts, won promotion to the Premier Division of the National league which capped a truly memorable season that also saw the club progress to the First Round of the FA Cup.

OCO Limited are always keen to hear if you would like to work with us in any way. If you have any questions or would like to find out more information on us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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