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OCO Ltd are members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and our working practices are aligned with its Code of Conduct and nine Service Provider Commitments. The Code requires OCO Ltd to have a Statement of Compliance addressing each Commitment and to establish and maintain appropriate management systems for services that we offer in association with the control of legionella.

Risk Assessment and Inspection

We provide both water hygiene annual inspections and full legionella risk assessments.
These are undertaken to identify, assess and report on the risk associated with legionella bacteria in all types of water systems.

Tank Cleaning, Maintenance, Refurbishment and Replacement

A comprehensive service that includes all water tank repairs, maintenance and cleaning programme to keep the tank in safe and optimal condition.

Testing Service and Water System Chlorination/Disinfection

TVC sampling, full spectrum sampling, Chlorination and certification service to safeguard water quality in accordance with BS8558 and testing to ensure cleanliness of water. Chlorination certificates are supplied.

Closed System Water Treatment Testing and Dosing

Comprehensive package of solutions for the sampling, testing and management of all commercial heating systems to ensure the systems are operationally efficient and free from corrosion. Service and planned maintenance schedules can be set up on request.
Water analysis sampling by UKAS accredited laboratories.

Pre-commission Heating System Cleaning

Protect against blockages, corrosion and growth of micro-organisms within newly installed heating systems.

Boiler Inspection & Calorifier Descaling

The chemical cleaning and descaling of boilers, calorifiers and heat exchanges to remove scale and sludge, enabling the system to operate at maximum efficiency.

Chemical Cleaning of Heating Systems

A chemical flush to remove rust and debris inside your heating system that helps to clean your boiler, pipe network and radiators, allowing heated water to fully circulate increasing system efficiency.

Installation of Scale and Corrosion Prevention Equipment

Cyclonic and magnetic filtration equipment can be installed to clean metallic and non-metallic debris from new and existing heating systems. These use magnets and cyclone chambers to collect the debris. Air Separators are also used to eliminate air/oxygen from the system which also prevents corrosion and poor circulation.

All water quality staff undertake a portfolio of Continued Professional Development and all lead engineers and management are accredited to City and Guilds in Legionella Control within hot and cold-water systems and Disinfection of hot and cold water systems.
If you need Water Hygiene Services please feel free to contact us to talk through any projects or requirments you need with one of our helpful and friendly team.

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